Saturday, April 13, 2013

10 Albanians from Kosovo and Albania Valley have been killed in Syria war

Syrian soil are washed with the blood of Albanians. 10 believed that reaches the number of Albanians killed so far in the fight against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Koprova Muhammad, 22, is the latest victim in Syria. Last week was killed fighting alongside the rebel forces.

Intelligence sources have indicated to Daily Time that killed eight Albanians from Kosovo, the Presevo Valley and Albania, while the other two are Syrian citizens of Kosovo origin.

The source said earlier in the week, the young man from Mitrovica region has been part of an extreme religious group. There has gone from Sweden where he lived with his family.

"So far the results are said to have killed 10 Albanians. Of these two Albanians with Syrian citizenship - and Behlul Arnauti Arnauti Either way, "said the intelligence source. He said that the first was killed Kosovar Demolli Naman, then another Albanian Ahmad Muaz from Veliki the municipality of Bujanovac, Abu Omar al-Albani Muhammad Albania and Kosovo-born Koprova.

"Four other Albanians from Albania were killed, but we do not have official confirmation of their identity," the source said.

The total number of Albanians involved in the Syrian war is believed 140. Are divided into two groups, in Aleppo.

Kosovo authorities do not want to talk about this issue - in which way to go Albanians Syrian front.

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